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16:00h – Gather in front of the Palma and Regent hotels to leave for the Bocce court, Kalimanj.
17:30h – 18:00h Return to the hotel

History of Bocce in Tivat

Bocce is an ancient ball sport, with historians being divided about its origins: some believe it originates in Basque Country, while others name Italy as its homeland. Today bocce ball is played across the globe, with leagues and competitions, including the Champions League and the World Championship, held regularly.

Given that this ball game requires no strength or speed (except in speed contests), it is common among all age groups, 7 to 87.
For 70 years, Tivat has been hosting a unique event, the Bocce Olympiad. Back in 1952, when in post-war times the Olympic Games were restored and held in Helsinki, the residents of Tivat held their first Bocce Olympiad and continued doing so every summer to this date. The first Bocce Olympiad took place at Kopiste court, Djurdjevo Brdo (rural hinterland of Tivat), and since then all local Bocce clubs took turns in hosting this unique and beloved local event of a distinctly Mediterranean character and charm. As the epitome of the traditional mentality and lifestyle, the Bocce Olympiad has become a tourism brand in itself!

Tivat Tournament – The Rules (briefly!)

The game of Bocce is played on a court 20 to 30 meters long and 2.5 to 4 meters wide, usually encircled by wooden planks 20 centimeters high. The surface is usually compacted sand, and the game is played by means of Bocce balls, once wooden, and today made of metal. The aim of the game is to throw a Bocce ball as close as possible to a smaller ball (the jack, called bulin locally). Each Bocce thrown closest to the jack is awarded one point. The Bocce balls closer to the jack than the opponent’s Bocce score points only. The game continues until either of the teams scores 21 points.

Two teams compete on the court, aiming to score 15 points. The losing team is out, while the winning team awaits the next round, all the way to the finals. Each team is composed of 3 players, each allowed two Bocce balls. The team scoring 15 points first is the winner.
Each player has the right to throw two Bocce balls in an attempt to get them as close as possible to the jack (bulin, in red colour). Players of competing teams take turns in throwing Bocce balls: A player of the first team throws the Bocce, as close to the jack as possible, then a player from the second team does the same. If his Bocce is closer to the jack, the next throw is taken by the player of the first team. If the first team is still closer, the second team plays until their Bocce ball is closer or until there are no balls left, whichever comes first. Then the second team continues until using all of their balls. The points are scored by counting the number of balls of the same team which are closest to the jack; this continues until one team scores 15 points and wins the game.
The runway for throwing Bocce is limited, and a player has to throw the ball before reaching the mark line.
Bocce is normally rolled, but it is also allowed to throw it, when the situation in the court requires so. When throwing the Bocce, it can only be done using an underarm action, throwing a curve ball.

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