Welcome to join Tourism Think Tank 2023


Welcome to the 2nd annual international Tourism Think Tank, an exceptional get-together for the Balkans region and beyond, with hand-selected topics to get you on the top of the issues that are moving, shaking and changing your work and our industry locally and globally. After the great response to last year’s inaugural educational-experiential event in Tivat, Montenegro, #TTT23 will be a full day’s online conference with a stellar programme, including:

  • 09.30: Dr. Harold Goodwin: Professor Emeritus, Responsible Tourism Partnership; Adviser, WTM, on “When Destinations are Spoilt, Everyone Loses – A Mistake Best Avoided”.
  • 10.20: Dr. Milan Gazdić: Director of the Environmental Protection Agency Montenegro, on “Ecotourism in the Function of Forests – Biodiversity Beyond the Obvious”.
  • 10.55: Jaka Godejša: Co-founder, FromZero Alliance; Project Manager, FairBnB; Collaborator, Slo-Ita, Primorska University on “Next Generation Thinking: Developing a Community for Social Impact”.
  • 11.30: Dr. Susanne Etti: Global Environmental Impact Manager, Intrepid Travel; Presenter and Mentor, Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project on “Travel in a Climate Crisis: Protecting the Planet”.
  • 12.35: Jana Apih: Managing Director at GoodPlace, Factory of Sustainable Tourism, Co-founding Partner of Balkan Green, on “Lessons learnt: the Slovenian Experience for the Western Balkans”.
  • 14.10: Peter Syme: Partner, Tourpreneur, on “Navigating the Digital Wave: Tour Operators in the Tech Era”.
  • 15.15: Aimee Henning: Sustainability Manager, Weeva, on “Holistic Sustainability Management: Why & How to Digitise”.
  • 15.50: Darko Saveljić: on “A Disruptive Rural Family Business – Why Sustainable Tourism Also Makes Economic Sense”.
  • 16.25: Dr. Harold Goodwin: Wrap up
  • 17.00: Kirsi Hyvaerinen (hyvae.com) & Vicky Smith (Earth-Changers.com), Event MCs: Closing & look to 2024

Taking the event online in 2023, we are enabling a wider and more inclusive audience, so register now to join us!

This event is brought to you thanks to the following sponsors and supporters: the Tourism Organisation of Tivat, GIZ Support to Economic Diversification of Rural Areas in Southeast Europe (SEDRA II), the National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro, Earth-Changers.com and HYVÄ Coaching & Consulting d.o.o.

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