Anna Pollock

Founder - Conscious Travel, Anna has just under 50 years of experience in tourism as an independent consultant, strategist, international speaker and change agent and is now acclaimed thought leader in the emerging field of regenerative tourism and hospitality.

Past clients include the Canadian Tourism Commission, PATA, European Travel Commission, Tourism British Columbia, the Australian Tourism Export Council, Tourism Tasmania, Innovation Norway, Visit Flanders, Rotterdam Partners, departments of industry, conservation and tourism in New Zealand and Tourism Northern Ireland.

Anna is Recipient of The Visionary of the Year Award from the Canadian tourism industry; finalist in the Visionary Category of the Newsweek Future Travel Awards 2021; and in 2022 was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to tourism.

Anna has undertaken seminal work in many aspects of tourism, notably in education, sustainability and technology. During the 1990s, Anna established herself as a thought leader on the strategic implications of the Internet; she created the first internet-based tourism strategy for Scotland; and co-developed one of the first multi-purpose destination management systems. She also prepared one of the first reports on the impact of climate change for the Canadian tourism industry in 2007.