“Safe, Smart, Sustainable – Tivat”

Tivat sets an example of healthy growth and swift transformation from enchanting, somewhat underrated coastal city into a renowned destination. It has preserved its tradition and amenities of coastal life, along with the Mediterranean traditions in hospitality, gastronomy, lifestyle, living culture, authentic values and the rich historical and maritime heritage, which serve as Boka’s landmarks.

Sustainability through balanced economic, environmental and social development is recognized as one of the main goals in the tourism development strategy to 2024. That means that sustainability must be considered as an integrated part of the brand of Tivat. Hence, the new ways for our sustainable future should be stimulated, so that they ensure added value in all three dimensions from tourism activities, not threatening development of Tivat as a place to live and as a destination at the same time. Tivat should retain all the features of an authentic Mediterranean small town and will provide unique and diversified experiences to guests of modern, sustainable lifestyles – based on our rich historical, natural and cultural heritage, with quality as our priority.

Tivat is the first destination in Montenegro to start work towards international recognition “Green Destinations” and was proclaimed one of the winners of the Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards of 2020.


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