Plaze Naslovna slika
Plaze Naslovna slika
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This beach, located about 5 km from the center of Tivat, has crystal clear water, and several natural fresh water streams flowing into the sea make the water colder than on other parts of the coast. However, the water is pleasant and very refreshing, which is why this beach is a favorite among the local population. It is a cape that ends with a lighthouse, and from where there is a view of the island of Gospa od Škrpjela and medieval Perast. The beach is strewn with coarser sand, surrounded by a stone coast, and has a pier for boats.


This beach is located between Lepetane and Seljanovo beaches, about 3 km from the city center, near the ferry. It is mostly pebbly, sometimes sandy and about 200 m long, divided on the left and right side of the lighthouse. In some places the beach has natural shade, although it is also equipped with beach furniture.

Donja Lastva

There are several beaches along the coast from Donja Lastva to Seljanovo. Only this beach is sandy, in the immediate vicinity of the church of St. Deadline. It is 200m long and is suitable for children, but of course also for adults. In the immediate vicinity of this beach, there is also the concrete beach of Hotel Kamelija.

Seljanovo/Ponta Seljanova

Ponta Seljanova has always been popular for visitors to the Tivat coast, both in the summer months and in the off-season. This pebble beach is about 250m long, occupies an area of 1700m2, and there is a lighthouse on it. It is located next to the Porto Montenegro settlement and can be reached on foot from the city.


The pebble beach Waikiki belongs to the restaurant of the same name and is located in Seljanova. It has everything a world-class beach needs – location, comfortable furniture, sunbeds, children’s playground and much more. Here you can easily spend a whole day – whether swimming in the turquoise sea, or at the bar with great cocktails and first-class food.


Since its opening in July 2011, this pool is one of the most popular in the city. It is located in Porto Montenegro and was designed by the famous British architect Richard Hivel Evans. The pool and lounge bar are practically right by the sea and offer a spectacular view of the marina and the Boka Kotorska.

Town beach

Like every coastal town, Tivat has its own town beach. Tivat’s is concrete sand beach, which is located in the city center near the pine promenade. For those who are in the city or do not want to drive to a more distant beach, the city beach is perfect.

The La Roche hotel beach

The beach of the La Roche Hotel is a concrete beach, which is used both privately and publicly. Here there are sunbeds and umbrellas and a beach bar known for its refreshing cocktails.


The beach of the Hotel Palma

The beach of the Hotel Palma is a private sandy beach – a small part is also public. The beach has everything you need: sunbeds and umbrellas, changing rooms, showers, toilets…

Belane beach

Belane beach is one of the most visited beaches in the city center. It is a pebble beach located in the immediate vicinity of the port of Kalimanj, on the south side at the beginning of the city promenade. There is appropriate furniture such as sunbeds and umbrellas. The beach bar and restaurant “Red Lobster” spoil the guests with excellent specialties during the day and in the evening, bands perform in the evenings and provide good entertainment.


Župa is located in a bay just before the entrance to Tivat on the south side. It is a small sandy beach with a length of about 70m. Right next to the beach there is a dense pine forest that provides shade for the guests.


Račica beach is located in the Račica settlement next to Župa beach. This beach is a natural, pebble-sandy beach, especially interesting for nature lovers. This beach, which is public, can be reached on foot, ie. by land or sea.

Mrcevac Kukoljina

The beach in Mrčevac, Kukoljina, is a sandy beach with public and private section. It is located on the way out of the city towards Tivat airport. This natural beach is especially recommended for vacationers who want to spend a beach day in beautiful nature. It can be reached by car or boat and has a beach bar and beach furniture.


Kalardovo is one of the most famous natural sandy beaches in the municipality of Tivat. It is located near the Tivat airport and is especially attractive for families with children. On this part of the beach there is beach furniture, a beach bar and a restaurant. Interestingly, there is healing mud on this beach, so it is often visited both by guests who value health and well-being.

Island of flowers

The natural beaches along the coast of this island are a real gem for visitors who like to explore. They are surrounded by lush vegetation and most of them have their own pier. These beaches are very popular with the local population, but they are also a worthwhile destination for guests.

The island of Stradioti, San Marco

The island of Stradioti, popularly known as St. Mark, is a natural island that is one of the biggest attractions of Tivat Bay. The clean and warm sea water attracts many locals and holidaymakers. Since the island can only be reached by sea, the experience begins with the crossing. To explore the hidden sandy beaches, you should take a guide who will impart interesting facts about the special nature of this island.


Movida beach is privately owned and is located on the road to the village of Radovići. It is accessible by land and by sea. This beautiful and spacious beach is covered with pebbles and is ideal for relaxing and swimming, regardless of age. Refreshments are available at a snack bar and for those who feel like it, the restaurant terrace offers Mediterranean and international dishes while enjoying the view of the beautiful beach. Movida guests can of course also spend a wonderfully relaxed day at the beach in the VIP lounge “Movida Garden” with music and cocktails on sun loungers with parasols.

The coast of Đuraševići

On the coast of Đurašević there are several smaller natural beaches, which mostly belong to local private establishments – apartments and hotels – and may be used by their guests. Directly on the coast there are numerous taverns and restaurants that offer delicious specialties of Mediterranean cuisine.

Bjelila Krasici

Bjelila is located on the Luštica peninsula, a 15-minute drive from Tivat airport, and is ideal for escaping the summer crowds and heat. A rocky beach and a concrete pier characterize this part of the Tivat Bay, as well as other towns in the Krtoli settlement – Radovići, Kaluđerovina, Kakrc and Krašići. What sets Bjelila apart and gives it a special charm is the ever-present light breeze, peace and slightly cooler and extremely clean sea water.

Pržna bay, Blue horizont

Pržna Bay, located on the Luštica peninsula, a 30-minute drive from the city, is characterized by the largest and, in the opinion of many, the most beautiful sandy beach in the area of the Tivat municipality. This beach is popularly known as Blue Horizons, thanks to the former hotel of the same name that was located in this beautiful location. This beach is characterized by natural clear greenish sea water and is ideal for an all-day summer adventure.

Oblatno /Almara by Luštica bay

Oblatno beach is located on the peninsula Luštica. It is about 100 meters long and has a private area that belongs to the Luštica bay. The beach has made a name for itself under the name Almara Beach Club. It is ideal for those who want privacy and exclusivity. In addition to a restaurant and a beach bar, you will find a complete beach equipment on the beach with all the amenities that go with it. This is an excellent place for all visitors who want to experience beautiful sunsets on the open sea.

Velja špilja/Pecka

Velja Spila beach is located on the Tivat part of the Luštica peninsula and can be reached by car from the direction of Tivat, or from the nearby Plavi Horizonti and Oblatno beaches. This beach is also known as Pecka, and it is hidden in Trašte bay. It is a sandy beach 100 m long, covering an area of 1420 m2. The beach has a private and public character and is recognizable by the summer beach bar “21 Beach Club”.

The Chedi beach

The beach of the hotel “The Chedi Luštica Bay” offers great views, and is special because it is the only beach managed by a five-star hotel. Hotel guests or users of The Chedi beach can enjoy The Rock beach bar with drinks, snacks and enchanting views of the sunset.

Marina beach

Marina beach, located on the Luštica peninsula, is a private beach owned by Luštica Bay. This beach is an ideal choice for lovers of a more active holiday, and is especially suitable for children who are active. The beach is partially public and has a complete recreational zone dedicated to a multitude of options for water activities such as: paddle boarding (SUP), kayaking, underwater exploration with a scooter (Seabob) and the like.

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