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During your stay in Montenegro, you are obliged to register within 24 hours.

Sojourn tax per person is 1.00 euros per day, children up to 12 years do not pay sojourn tax, and persons from 12 to 18 years of age pay the amount of sojourn tax reduced by 50%, i.e. 0.50 euros.

If you own a property, you are also obliged to register with a list of real estate proving ownership and in that case you are exempt from paying the residence tax, as well as the closest family members (father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister).

If you are staying in more than one municipality in Montenegro, you are obliged to register in each municipality where you stay longer than 12 hours.


Monday – Friday: 07am-8pm
Saturday: 08am-2pm
Sunday: 08am-2pm

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Address: Tourist Organization Tivat
Palih boraca 19, 85320 Tivat, Crna Gora
Administration – Tel: +382 (32) 660 165
Info center – Tel: +382 (32) 671 324
Director: – Tel: + 382(32)671 323; Fax:+382 (32) 671 323
E-mail: tivatravel@gmail.com

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