The Panoramic road of Lustica “Life on Lustica”


What mysteries does Lustica Peninsula have to tell, this aspiring mountain in the sea that challenges the Adriatic and gives form to Boka Bay? What was it like living in its old stone houses and patronizing its taverns? What secrets do the old churches know, and what histories are hidden? What’s life like in Lustica’s villages today, and who are its inhabitants? The answers to these questions are yours to reveal along the panoramic road of Lustica .

A winding forty kilometer route to introduce you to its sleepy villages, miraculous fortresses, panoramic viewpoints, and the old way of life here. This map is your guide to the sustainable Adriatic treasure, Lustica!

To get started, head to the big roundabout on the way from Tivat to Budva, take your first right and begin your adventure. By the way, we can’t really explain why, but everyone here knows that this loop needs to be navigated counterclockwise, and with this in mind, you’ll first encounter the villages of Bjelila, Krasici, and then you’ll head up to Zabrdje and around the bend Klinci and then Mrkovi, Tici, Mardari, Begovici and onto the marina village, Lustica Bay. We’d recommend taking at least a full day to explore the entire route, as there are so many villages to explore and things to do and see. The roads are a bit narrow in some places and there are a few long sustained climbs, so prepare, and take care. If you want to explore by bike, prepare well and consider an electric bike as an option.

Get ready for a journey that will stay with you forever.

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