During the summer season, the Tivat Tourism Organization has organized a series of music concerts by renowned local performers as well as from the region. Among them were: Nina Badric, S.A.R.S., Flying Pike, Van Gogh, Kiki Lesendric, Dragoljub Djuricic, Rambo Amadeus, Orthodox Celts, Rundek Kargo Trio, Tijana Dapcevic, Petar Graso, Jelena Rozga …

Gastro nights – ”Summer of Good Taste”

An event that has attracted a lot of attention and interest from tourists for several years. It is a gastro manifestation that aims to promote the entire tourist offer of Tivat, especially gastronomic values, as well as the promotion of Tivat as a destination for everyone’s taste and pocket.

The gastronomic event “Summer of Good Taste” was conceived as a kind of festivity at which, above all, everyone will have a good time and socialize, participants (who will show us their culinary skills) and guests. The event is held at various locations in the territory of Tivat Municipality, in restaurants, taverns, hotels, onboard the Water Carriage and always promises good fun, rich dishes with different specialties of Mediterranean cuisine, Žućenica dishes from the Žućenica fest program, with folklore ensemble and cheerful sounds. music.


The tourist organization every summer participates in the organization of various fairs such as Bokeška olive, Wine Fair, Old Crafts Fair, Traditional Products Fair …

The Carob feast

The tourist propaganda offer of the Tivat Riviera is richer for a new event called the “Carob Festival”. The event takes place in mid-July. The event is organized by the NGO “Croatian Rooftop Community”, the Municipality and the Tourist Organization of Tivat, and the whole event is dedicated to the carob plant from which flour, cakes, and brandy were once produced on the coast. Nina Stjepcevic, a native of America, is a central motif of the new event because of its ambitious value, protected by the Municipality of Tivat. brandy and horn sweets.




Traditional Lastovo Carnival

It is held on Saturdays in February in Tivat’s Donja Lastva. The procession with masks and the Carnival, traditionally from the Seventh Quarter, is moving towards the pier in Donja Lastva, in front of the Church of St. Roch, the place where he will be convicted for all last year’s troubles without the right to appeal, ie democracy. Every year, the city music of Tivat is found in the carnival procession, as well as the majorettes of various dance clubs.

After the trial and the burning of the Lastovo Carnival, the festivities continue at the Kamelija Hotel, a small masquerade ball for children and a masquerade ball for adults, where prizes are awarded to the best masks.

The organizer is the NGO “Harlequin”.


March’s Ball – March 8th

International Women’s Day celebrated every year. On that day, the Tivat Women’s Organization is hosting a ball dedicated to all women.


Magnolia Days and “Tourist Flower”

As part of the event “Magnolia Days” there is a traditional action “Tourist Flower” organized by the Tivat Tourist Organization. The action aims to animate citizens to contribute to the horticultural design of the city, to meet the summer tourist season.

The action opens in early May, and the commission is engaged on the ground throughout the municipality of Tivat until early June when the best candidates are selected.

The categories to choose from are: The most beautifully landscaped yards, The most landscaped yard in front of residential and commercial space, The most beautiful balcony, The most beautiful hedge, The most beautiful magnolia tree, Originality in horticultural landscaping and more…

Within the Magnolia Day, the Tivat Tourist Organization announces in a specific and new way the days to meet the Tourist Flower, which are significant days in the ecological calendar.


Jaundice fest

A gastronomic event held to present Bocca Bay cuisine. It has been organized for 14 years by the Organization of Women
Tivat and Radio Tivat. At this festival of gastronomy and folk art, visitors are able to taste imaginative zucchini dishes or as some call it chicory, indigenous coastal wild edible grass. A special jury evaluates and awards the quality of the dishes, the best arrangements, and decorations, and then one part of the evening is dedicated to an entertaining program featuring Tivat majorettes, Tivat city music, as well as many other performers.

05.06. World Environment Day

In the first half of June, awards ceremony for the best candidates in different categories is organized. The awards ceremony is accompanied by a rich cultural entertainment program.

International Tivat carneval

It represents the new cultural and tourism brand of the city. A very attractive event, which carries a lot of positive emotions, takes place in June and marks the beginning of the summer tourist season. It gathers numerous carnival groups around the world and lasts for three days, distinguishing itself with specific specifics. In addition to the carnival procession and the central event, entertainment on the Pine waterfront, a water ball and a mask under the diplomatic corral are also organized.

The event program also includes the organization of a children’s carnival. Organized by NVU “Masquerade” Tivat, sponsored by numerous local institutions and sponsors, the carnival promises the best party in June in Tivat, and beyond.

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Tivat Summer Festivals

During the summer, Tivat Tourism Organization organizes various events and manifestations of a different character. From gastronomic nights in concert with the hotel industry of the city, which are enriched with various facilities such as folklore and musical performances, through various concerts that enhance the summer evenings and whose sounds can be heard far away, choir nights, all the way to sports events.


Tivat Cultural Summer – PURGATORIES

The Tivat Cultural Center organizes the most significant cultural event of PURGATORY. Purgatories are held in the summer (from mid-June to the end of August). The Tivat cultural summer has been especially interesting in recent years, because during the festival, visitors, including a large number of local and foreign guests, can see very good theater pieces and performances, most of which were produced by the Tivat Cultural Center. The largest number of performances takes place on the Tivat summer stage, located in the summer house Buća. Also, the contents of the Purgatory manifestation are full of guest performances of various and high quality domestic and foreign theater troupes, performances, performances, literary evenings, art exhibitions and the like. Every year, the Tivat Festival of Culture is increasingly visited, which confirms the quality of the contents that make up the manifestation program. Tourists staying in Tivat are always impressed by the rich content of Purgatory from our city and are happy to come back.

For more information on the Cultural Center as well as the program of events, see here CZK-TIVAT



The Carob feast

The tourist propaganda offer of the Tivat Riviera is richer for a new event called the “Carob Festival”. The event takes place in mid-July. The event is organized by the NGO “Croatian Rooftop Community”, the Municipality and the Tourist Organization of Tivat, and the whole event is dedicated to the carob plant from which flour, cakes and brandy were once produced on the coast. Nina Stjepcevic, a native of America, is a central motif of the new event because of its ambitious value, protected by the Municipality of Tivat. brandy and horn sweets.

Street Performers Festival – July 28-30

The Art Factory Factory and the Tivat Tourism Organization are organizing a Street Performers Festival at the end of July.

During the three days of the festival, Tivat streets, squares and pontoons will be transformed into stages for musicians, dancers, theatrical ensembles. The festival hosts renowned stand-up comedians, art installations, street art interventions, contemporary circus representatives, pop & amp; rock musicians and more.

Bowling Olympics

An interesting sporting traditional event held in Tivat in the summer (July / August). It is specific and attractive because of the old folk rules of the game, and therefore is a tourist attraction. In addition to the competitors from Tivat, competitors from many other cities from Montenegro as well as from abroad take part in the Tivat Bowling Olympics. Bocce is in the coastal cities, and especially in Tivat, a traditional sport that is striving for increasing popularity as the oldest event to be held in this city.

Good Taste Summer – JUN – JUL – AUGUST

An event that attracts many visitors. The sound of the best song and the taste of the best dishes and folklore game that leaves everyone breathless. A good taste summer takes place in different places throughout the summer. From restaurant to restaurant, from tavern to tavern and even onboard you will always find good fun, and satisfy your needs with the best tastes and sounds.
The event was conceived as a blend of good and even better, that is, all that made you rest and what the city of Tivat really has to offer. Getting to know our cuisine, folklore, music, all in one place.

Souvenir and Old Craft Fairs – JUL – AUGUST

During the summer months, Tivat Tourist Organization, in cooperation with the organizers and manufacturers of souvenirs, organizes a fair where tourists can see the finest handicrafts made of all kinds of materials that can be found in our area, as well as feel the spirit and tradition of Montenegro.

Wine and Traditional Products Fair – JUL – AUGUST

Through this fair, tourists are presented with an offer of wine producers and distributors from Montenegro and the region, as well as small wineries that, in addition to good wines, offer authentic local cuisine and traditional food products.

Bocca Bay Olive Fest – JULY – AUGUST

An event that aims to promote local produce, entertainment for citizens and feasts. Producers of olive oil, stone olives, products made from and based on olive oil (cosmetics, soaps, souvenirs…), prosciutto, cheese, wine, honey…


Lastva festivities

The event is traditionally organized in August, in Gornja Lastva, near Tivat. The organizers of “Lastovo festivities” are the cultural – tourism and native society “Napredak” and the Tivat Center for Culture. On the first Saturday of August, the main festival of “Lastovo festivities” is held. The festival consists of cultural and artistic programs, the Bokelj Navy circuit accompanied by the Tivat Music and Education Society.

Numerous local and foreign guests and citizens of Tivat, who visit the event, enjoy listening to the original Lastovo songs, as well as the traditional dances known as the Lastovo and Scalar folk circles.

A very interesting content of “Lastovo festivities” are also “Evenings in the Mill”, dedicated to the choir songs (the traditional way of singing that is represented in Boka and Dalmatia). Also, every year visitors can attend exhibitions of paintings by Tivat artists. Like most other events in Tivat, “Lastovo festivities” aim to preserve and nurture the cultural heritage of Boka and Tivat.


Tivat world music festival

Tivat World music festival is the first music event of its kind in Montenegro. During the visit, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the ethno sounds from different parts of the world. This festival is accompanied by a gastronomic offer of the countries whose bands perform.

Find out more on their facebook page.


November Culture Days

November Days of Culture are organized on the occasion of November 21st of the Municipality of Tivat and within them, throughout the month of November, various exhibitions, poetic evenings, theater performances, concerts within the regular program of the Tivat Cultural Center during the winter period are held.


New Year’s Bazaar

At the end of December, a traditional New Year’s Bazaar is organized, where the exhibited products are sold at symbolic prices, and all the money raised in this way is donated to humanitarian purposes.

Meet Santa Claus

The Tivat Tourism Organization is organizing a special program for the youngest on New Year’s Eve with candy.

Ahead of Two Christmas – DECEMBER 24 – JANUARY 8

On the eve of the celebration of the Catholic and Orthodox Christmas in Tivat are held numerous events of a different character.

New Year’s Eve – DECEMBER 31 – JANUARY 02

The New Year’s Eve is organized in numerous restaurants as well as on the Pine waterfront, with renowned performers from the local and international pop-rock scene.

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