The Tourist Organization of Tivat is managed by a professional and experienced team of employees. Director Nina Lakičević and her team are ready for the upcoming summer season.



Nina Lakičević
Contact: nina.lakicevic@tivat.travel

Magdalena Tujković
Manager, Fair Appearances and Propaganda
Contact: magdalena.tujkovic@tivat.travel
Damir Pjetrović
Revenue Market Analysist
Contact: damir.pjetrovic@tivat.travel

Sandra Kilibarda
Manager for Informational and Promotional activities and Foreign correspondence

Contact: sandra.kilibarda@tivat.travel
Tamara Krstović
PR and Marketing Manager
Contact: tamara.krstovic@tivat.travel

Milorad Karadžić
Regional Cooperation Analyst
Contact: milorad.karadzic@tivat.travel
Stasija Kaluđerović
General Affairs and information activities
Contact: stasija.kaludjerovic@tivat.travel

Nikola Pešalj
General Affairs and information activities
Dejana Stjepčević
TIB Coordinator
Contact: dejana.stjepcevic@tivat.travel

Silvana Brguljan
Manager, Administration and Finances
Contact: silvana.brguljan@tivat.travel
Mihael Đuričić
Internet, Communication, Social Networks and Photographer
Contact: mihael.djuricic@tivat.travel
Ivan Matijević
Referent, TIB-u
Contact: ivan.matijevic@tivat.travel
Jelena Begović
Referent u TIB-u

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