The Panoramic road of Lustica “Life on Lustica”


What secrets does the Lustica peninsula hold? What stories do the high mountains by the sea, which give the bay its unmistakable face, know to tell? What was life like in the old stone houses and taverns? What interesting stories can be discovered in the old churches? And – what is life like in the villages of Lustica today compared to the past? Who are the people who live here? Set out and drive along the Panoramic road of Lustica “Life on Lustica – you will find exciting, surprising and unexpected answers!

A winding forty-kilometre route where you will discover sleepy villages, wonderful forts, viewpoints, beautiful beaches and the ancient way of life. This map is your guide to the lasting treasure of the Adriatic, Lustica!

Start your journey at the big roundabout on the way from Tivat to Budva. Take the first right here. This is where your travel-discovery adventure begins!

We can’t tell you why you have to drive the roundabout anti-clockwise. But it is so and everyone does it that way.

So drive first to the villages of Bjelila, Krasici, then on to Zabrdje , around the bend to Klinci and finally on to Mrkovi, Tici, Mardari, Begovici , to then reach the port town of Lustica Bay. You should allow at least a full day for this exploration, as there are so many beautiful little villages and sights to see – or stop to just enjoy the beauty of this region. The roads are a little narrow in places, and sometimes it’s a steeper climb – so drive slowly and take care. Of course, you can also cycle the panoramic road – in this case you should consider renting an e-bike.

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