Vrmac – walking paradise


Paradise, which offers beautiful walking trails through beautiful untouched nature, in which your steps leave traces smoothly and create music you can’t resist. Vrmac proudly on his palm keeps two towns of Tivat and Kotor and opens a beautiful view of their souls, and they are Tivat and Kotor Bay. Besides the preserved nature and many species Squirrel Photo decorates the beauty of rural architecture that keeps the secret of the former inhabitants of Vrmac.

The stunning beauty of Boka bay, nature and ancient villages-Risan, Kotor, Perast, Tivat… More bordered by steep mountains, penetration is 28 km. The hills and mountains, the waters of the bay are divided into Herceg Novi, Tivat, Kotor and Risan-bay, associated with the two straits – Kumborski and Verige, where the bay is narrowest. So, with him can be seen on one side of Kotor, a city a thousand years of history, a part of the world cultural and natural heritage, on the other Tivat, a new city focused on tourism and Tivat archipelago comprising coating the peninsula and the island of Sveti Marko and Our Lady of Mercy. The highest peaks in Vrmac are Sveti Ilija (785m) and Velji top (712m), and one of the most beautiful resorts is the upper village, which is dominated by a high bell tower of the church of St. Elijah. The main pedestrian path follows the line of the ridge and is suitable for mountain bike, a whole network of old roads and paths for walking and hiking.

From the top Lastva walk “along Medjica”, to white sands. Open to the ever-expanding vistas of the Bay of Tivat and Luštica over the open sea and the Vlaka saddle, trail down the slope to the Upper Stoliv. As soon as you pass the saddle, vistas of the Bay of Kotor and Perast with two islands. From the Upper Stoliv the trail is almost no slope, ending above the gorge chains that offers a breathtaking view. From Chain (Pečkovica) to larger settlements Hill, the trail goes along the open space, then through the woods to the hamlet Orašje. From there you can walk a few hundred meters to the Upper Lastva.

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