This local attraction nearby Tivat is an oasis of unspoiled nature which provides shelter for some rare species of birds – flamingos and cormorants. They are also among the most endangered birds species in Europe.
Solila is a special botanical and animal reserve. It is situated in the swamp area of the coastal part of the Bay of Tivat. The most interesting fact for tourists and birdwatchers is that this area is home to very rare bird species, such as flamingos or small cormorants. They all find their shelter here, in Solila. This area of 150 ha is home to 111 bird species, 49 of which are related only to aquatic/water habitats. Some of the attractive bird species that can be seen here are: ibises, cranes, auks, large curlews, godwits, lapwings etc. Solila is an attractive place to visit throughout the year. However, spring bird migration is recommended for passionate birdwatchers- a period from February to the end of April.


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