Lastovo festivities

The event is traditionally organized in August, in Gornja Lastva, near Tivat. The organizers of the “Lastovo festivities” are the cultural-tourist and native society “Napredak” and the Tivat Cultural Center. The main festival of “Lastovo festivities” is held on the first Saturday of August. The festival consists of: cultural and artistic programs, the round of the “Boka Navy” accompanied by the Music and Educational Society “Tivat”.

Numerous domestic and foreign guests and citizens of Tivat, who visit the event, enjoy listening to original Lastovo songs, as well as traditional dances better known as Lastovo and Skaljarsko folk circle.

Very interesting content of “Lastovo festivities” are “Evenings in the mill”, dedicated to klapa songs (traditional way of singing which is represented in Boka and Dalmatia). Also, every year, visitors can attend exhibitions of paintings by Tivat artists. Like most other events in Tivat, “Lastovo festivities” aim to preserve and nurture the cultural heritage of Boka and Tivat.


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