Magnolia days and “Tourist flower”

As part of the “Days of Magnolia” event, the traditional action “Tourist Flower” organized by the Tourist Organization of Tivat is being held. The action aims to animate the citizens to give their contribution to the arrangement of the city in the horticultural sense, in anticipation of the summer tourist season.

The action opens at the beginning of May, and the commission is engaged in the field of the entire municipality of Tivat until the beginning of June, when the best candidates are selected.

The categories to be chosen are: The most beautifully landscaped yards, The most landscaped yard in front of the residential and commercial space, The most beautiful balcony, The most beautiful hedge, The most beautiful magnolia tree, Originality in horticultural landscaping, etc.

Every year, as part of the Magnolia Day, the Tourist Organization of Tivat celebrates in a specific and new way the days to meet the Tourist Flower, which are important days in the ecological calendar, such as Earth Day (April 22) and World Environment Day (June 5).

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