The Village Gornja Lastva


On the sunny slopes of Vrmac, nestled between Mediterranean shrubs and stone walls, lies the village of Gornja Lastva. From here you have a fantastic view of Tivat.
Although the village used to have only 500 inhabitants, it has always been very lively. As in other mountain regions, large parts of the rural population moved to the cities after the Second World War in search of an easier life. This was also true for Gornja Lastva, yet it has not been forgotten. Today, people return here, renovate the old houses or build new ones. This also attracts more and more visitors.
The village is unique in many ways: starting with the architecture and the traditions and customs associated with it. In every stone you can feel not only the beauty of nature, but also the power of the industrious hands that worked it. And stone is omnipresent: in the houses and walls, in the typical stone garden furniture and in the stone vessels for storing olive oil. In Gornja Lastva there is an olive mill from the 19th century, which is still functional, but is currently no longer used. Even today, olives could still be ground in it as they were 200 years ago. By hand and with much love. Seven olive farmers in the village used to use the mill to process their olives. Today’s descendants of the former inhabitants understand the rich cultural history of Gornja Lastva as a calling and an obligation. They want to preserve the traditions of their village.
The mill belongs to the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, which dates back to 1410. The charming village church, built 600 years ago, houses many valuable artefacts. They have been carefully cared for over the centuries and can be admired by visitors.
If you happen to be in Tivat on the first Saturday in August, you must visit Gornja Lastva: that’s when the legendary Lastva Festival takes place! But don’t worry, even if you miss this event, you can be sure that the residents of the village warmly welcome guests at any time. So don’t be surprised if you are invited into a house to drink homemade schnapps and listen to stories from long ago.


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