Coronavirus Aftermath: Welcome to Tivat!


Have you found yourself lounging in the shade of an olive tree on a beach these days with good company, a glass of wine or a book? The pleasant afternoon sun plays with the colors in the sky, and the air smells of lavender and rosemary…

You are not the only one whose thoughts have fled to the Mediterranean. More specifically, the Adriatic.

This slice of Europe is blessed with beauty that pleases, relaxes and delights. Despite the tumultuous history of stone houses, life on the Adriatic coast seems easy and simple. Most tourists therefore wish to stay here forever, and many have realized this dream.

One of the cities that fit this description is Tivat in Montenegro.

Foto: Hotel Pine

Tucked away in the heart of Boka Kotorska, the largest and most beautiful bay of the Mediterranean, Tivat is just what you need after home isolation. Bring beach towels even if you visit it in the fall – the warm Gulf Sea also allows swimming in November. Of course, the prices are lower then as well, although the price correction is also announced during the season.

Why do we mention it?

If you type “Tivat” in Google’s search engine, you will realize that it is a fashionable town that has profiled itself into tourists of a “deeper” pocket. Thanks to the luxury nautical resort of Porto Montenegro, Tivat has been successfully selling its charm to the world elite for many years.

However, a vacation in Tivat is much more than that.

Foto: Simple Sail | Yacht Charter


First of all, Porto Montenegro is an open-ended settlement. You can reach it by walking along the Pine waterfront without ever noticing that you have entered this oasis of luxury. Everything is so perfectly fitted, without kitsch and superfluous details, so it looks like it has always been there.


The most luxurious settlement in the region was actually created in 2006, on the site of the former Arsenal Naval Shipyard. However, before the Admiral of the Austro-Hungarian Navy ordered its construction in 1889, rich families from Kotor, Prčanj and Dobrota had their magnificent summer residences here, so it can be said that Tivat has always been to the taste of the rich.

Foto: Alexandra Turashova


Tivat preserves the memory of “Arsenal” through exhibitions at the Maritime Heritage Museum, and the former palace of the noble family Buća has been transformed into a gallery that you can also visit. The people of Tivat breathe their soul into everything, and even Porto Montenegro is living proof that glamor can have a touch of loveliness.


Take a stroll through the neighborhood, have a drink in one of the cafeterias, and regardless of the size of your bank account, you will feel like you belong there.


Foto: Porto Montenegro

Of course, Tivat is not only a luxury nautical resort, which you can already see when landing at the airport. For many, the first encounter with Montenegro happened just above Tivat, which, they say, was love at first sight.


The youngest town of Boka Kotorska has a rugged coastline, and the islands hide their dream beaches. Purple oleanders, the scent of pine trees and nostalgia in the air await you on Flower Island, where you can visit the former military resort and the monastery of Sv. Archangel Michael. On the island of St. Mark, once a very popular resort, you will find true peace in the shade of olive trees. You should also not miss the Lustica Peninsula and the famous Przno Beach. Beside her, Lustica has beaches Oblatno and Velja Spila that looks exotic. The video for “Where you bathe” from the popular Montenegrin hip-hop duo Who See was recorded here.


Ostrvo Gospa od Milosti, foto: Cap Ivan Botica


For hiking lovers, there is Vrmac Hill. The landscaped paths will take you to the divine, rustic village of Gornja Lastva dominated by the high bell tower of the Church of Sv. Elijah. The village has been around since ancient times, and the locals still keep the tradition of grinding olives by hand, with song and socializing. The stone houses are surrounded by Mediterranean plants and the view of the bay is priceless.

Of course, there is Donja Lastva – a typical small town by the sea that inherits its culture and tradition.


Gornja Lastva, foto: Natalia Panarina


For nature lovers, there are Tivat Salts – a unique reserve where birds gather. Admission is free and a stroll through this sweet-salty oasis invigorates. You will certainly not miss nature in Tivat, as it is the largest botanical garden in the southern Adriatic! Specifically, various species of exotic plants that sailors brought from all over the world grow in the Tivat Park.


Therefore, if you caught yourself fantasizing about the sea air, wild beach, hiking overlooking the sea, sunset and the Mediterranean way of life, you are welcome to the Adriatic and Montenegro.


And the sunniest city of Boca Bay – Tivat is an ideal base for touring the coast.

You will want to stay forever.



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