Tivat – the first destination in Montenegro to start work towards international recognition “Green Destinations”


Sustainable development and responsible tourism have always been key topics for the tourism industry, and after the crisis caused by the COVID – 19 more than ever before. Tourism development must focus on sustainable solutions that will be part of an integrated recovery, long-term credibility and success in all required aspects.

In the short term, destinations need to be reorganized, focusing on the safety of guests and citizens, providing good information, support and close cooperation with the local economy and other stakeholders. In the medium and long term, destinations need to design activities that are based on professional destination management. According to the experiences of other successful destinations, analyzes of international institutions and experts, sustainability is of increasing importance for future visitors. It will also raise the quality of life of citizens and contribute to a better image.

According to the tourism development strategy of the municipality of Tivat to 2024, the objective is to position Tivat as a destination with year-round offers, preserving unique features, promoting existing and new experiences as well as providing added value for the entire tourism service supply chain. The continuous involvement of the local community in the development of tourism is very important, to work together for the quality of life of citizens, hand in hand with sustainability requirements in its social, economic and ecological dimensions.

Tivat has already grown to a famous tourist destination. To justify the place on the list of preferred places, Tivat tourism organisation will start in June the development process with a baseline analysis of sustainability criteria and joint definition of existing and new activities. The chance to become awarded and certified by “Green Destinations” is a desired result after detailed reporting of indicators, sustainable, visible improvements and neutral assessments by international auditors.

Green Destinations, a non-profit foundation for sustainable tourism development and recognition, offers support in the process of sustainable development, all through the active involvement of local communities and the business sector.
Together with partners, Green Destinations supports more than 200 destinations in over 50 countries around the world, in responsible tourism on globally recognized principles. The program also strives for the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The “Green Destination” or “Quality Coast” Award more than any other offer recognition and visibility of the destination in the market. It provides visitors with information on clean, green and responsible destinations.

Joining Green Destinations Tivat expects several benefits, such as: independent assessment of the pros and cons of the destination, detailed proposals for improving tourism with an emphasis on sustainable solutions, global recognition of good practices that have been implemented, through Green Destinations or Quality Coast Awards and certification. Also the free connection to the global community of destinations striving for sustainable tourism is valuable. The Global Green Destinations Days is the yearly conference, which 2020 will be hosted online, 6-8 October. This network and events offer a unique opportunity for destinations around the world to share good practice examples of how to achieve sustainability goals.

Market visibility: Successful members are allowed to use the achieved status in marketing (logos, banners, flags); and are found on an increasing number of platforms for the promotion of sustainable travel (Good Travel Guide, Bookdifferent.com, Green Destinations Collection).
The standards of this program are recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (www.gstc.org) and at the end of a demanding and ambitious process the destination can be certified according to the GSTC criteria. In the region, Slovenia is the country that has worked since 2016 most successfully with these standards in a national scheme, “Slovenia Green”.

The Green Destinations Standard makes sustainable development concrete, objective and demonstrable, covering the following 6 themes: destination management, nature and landscape, environment and climate, culture and tradition, social wellbeing, business and hospitality. The realization of the entire process will include the public and private sector from the representatives of the Municipality, local economy, investors and the local community.

Working efficiently in all these aspects, in an adequate, strategic process towards the goals of good development and certification, Tivat will once again underline its desire to become one of the leading tourist destinations, being a good place to live in and to travel to; all in the sense of the national tourism development strategy and in 2021, the 30th year of the country´s constitutional commitment of an ecological state.

Tourism Organisation Tivat will manage this process and organize a first meeting / workshop with the public and private sector in June.

More information about the Green Destinations program: https://greendestinations.org

GSTC criteria with their connection to sustainable development goals (SDG – UN Sustainable Development Goals): https://www.gstcouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/GSTC-Destination-Criteria-v2.0-SERBIAN.pdf

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