The Church of Our Lady of the Angels


The Church of Our Lady of the Angels is located within a fortified complex on the cape of the southern shore of the Veriga strait, from where there are impressive views of Perast and the Boka coast. It is mentioned in archive documents in 1469 and 1526 as an independent building. This is a one-nave building with a pronounced square apse. Gothic architectural features with a slightly broken vault and an arch on the bell tower suggest that the church was built in the 15th century. The church is a cultural asset, protected by law in 1976.

This is only part of the sacred heritage of Tivat. That’s why every walk through this city will bring you a new experience and another experience of the centuries that are behind us.

Source: Sacral heritage of Tivat, publisher Tivat Culture Center and Buća Museum and Gallery


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