School ship “Jadran”


Whether it is moored at the city quay or in full sail on the open sea: the training ship “Jadran” is a breathtaking beauty. With its 12 white sails, it is an eye-catcher among the modern boats on the Boka.

It took two years to build the ship in Hamburg. After its completion in 1933, it was welcomed with a spectacular ceremony in its then and now home port of Tivat. For a while, however, the Jadran lay at anchor outside her home port. During the Second World War, she was used by the Italian Navy under the name “Marco Polo”. After Italy’s surrender, she was completely looted and later used as a bridge in one of Venice’s canals. But in the end she always returned to where she belonged – Tivat.

Time has undoubtedly left its mark on the ship. But it still proudly and mightily waits for new students. Many generations of naval cadets and thousands of seafarers have learned and learned to love their craft on the floating classroom. More than 11 kilometres of rigging are operated purely by hand to control the 800 square metres of sail. She can sail for 15 days without having to call at a port. Although she used to carry weapons, the Jadran was never used as a warship.

Her longest voyage took her to America. On 21 June 1938, she entered the port of New York. On this occasion, the crew visited the famous scientist Nikola Tesla. They gave him a copper engraving with the image of the ship.

The Jadran is the emblem of Tivat and its maritime tradition. The town and the ship are closely connected. Like a sailor who sails the seas and always returns home to his family. Few people leave Tivat without taking a photo alongside the sailing ship.

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