Summer Sculpture Exhibition – Idan Zareski




Born in Haifa, Israel in 1968, Idan Zareski has had a non-conventional yet surprising journey. Very young he was immersed in multiple cultures and lived a cosmopolitan life between Africa, Europe, the United States and Latin America. At the age of 38 he decided to stop everything to follow his passion, sculpting. Idan gained rapid international recognition with his Bigfoot Family and the permanent exhibitions of his monumental sculptures worldwide.

While encouraging cultural awareness and tolerance around the globe, the Bigfoot Family achieved a recognizable notoriety throughout their universal message of unity. Candid and laid-back, Idan’s sculptures demonstrate his innate talent to represent emotions. The artist manages to capture moments in such a way that we feel naturally connected to his touching, and graceful work.

“I don’t plan or organize, I don’t draw sketches, my experiences and raw emotions serve as my only guide. When I work, I feel an absolute communion with a force greater than myself”

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